Movie Review: Mummy Dearest 2 – Beautiful and Witty

Movie Review: Mummy Dearest 2

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The sequel to Mummy Dearest is a brilliant contribution to Africa’s collection of family drama. Simple but potent storyline with beautiful interpretation of roles, Mummy Dearest 2 is easy and witty. It would be unjust to give scene-by-scene details of the movie but on the kind of budget Mummy Dearest 2 was built on, it is one of the most beautiful family dramas out there.

The management of space and resources is quite brilliant. The choice of location is a fresh addition to the already over-exposed Lekki Bridge and the many Lagos landmark that are seen in almost every movie in Nollywood. This is one of those movies that sell Port Harcourt City beautifully.

Liz Ameye’s character relives class, commitment to her passion and shows that once an actor remains one and even more. The character of Daniel K. Daniel – Chijioke – is also equally well played and convincing. Mummy Dearest 2 is the continuation of the story of a mother who is super attached to her only son to the point that it almost breaks his young home. You should not miss it.


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